Angel iginanti ni Neil sa banat na pabida


Ipinagtanggol ni Neil Arce, fiancée ni Angel Locsin ang kanyang dyowa na pinaratangang pa-impress.

Sey ng netizen: “Frankly speaking I am NOT impressed with angel Locsin if she is helping, she is earning an overpriced rate of P500,000 per taping day, that is an injustice to the more hardworking Filipinos working very hard but not paid properly.Her help is a pure publicity and self-promotion.

“I’d rather praise our lowly hardworking frontliners who are underpaid than those boastful tele-serye stars who are self-centered.The problem with idiot Filipinos is that they easily praise and worship those boastful stars, I can feel that angel Locsin is NOT genuine, I am not dumb, I am a sociologist, I know her sincerity is fake.”

Mababasa naman ang resbak ni Neil sa kanyang Facebook account: ”Someone Sent me this post today. First of all my fiancé is Not trying to impress anyone So it doesnt really matter to US if you were Not impressed. Yes I agree with you I myself would rather praise frontliners who are risking their lives everyday. This is The reason why we are doing this to Help our frontliners by making sure they are protected, making sure they can rest and by making sure we do everything we can to make their lives easier. Impressing anyone Especially people like you who seems to hate on people you do Not know personally is Not at all important to us.

“Stating That she makes that much money per taping a day is far from reality and is fallacious. I honestly believe that God made her successful because God knows she Will use it to Help those who are In Need. Calling out all actors as self centered and Filipinos idiots is something we do Not Need during this time of Crisis sir.

“What worries me is that I read that you are a Professor is this what we are supposed to teach our students? Are we supposed to teach our students to look at everything negatively? I dont expect everyone to believe In The sincerity of The things we do. But if The people our students are supposed to learn from think this way then our country Will never really have a chance to prosper.”