DJ Angelicopter nilahad ang pagpanaw ng kapatid sa COVID


Naghihinagpis sa pagkamatay ng kaniyang kuya si Angelicopter o Angelika Schmeing sa tunay na buhay. Dati siyang DJ sa Magic 89.9 kasama ang partner na si DJ Mo Twister at may isa silang anak.

Sa kanyang Facebook, ay pinost niya ang masakit na pagpanaw ng nakatatandang kapatid na si Francis dahil sa COVID-19.

Nagpapasalamat naman siya sa maraming nakikiramay sa pamilya. Patunay lamang daw na naging mabuting tao ang kaniyang kapatid.

“Today, this morning, I lost my only brother. It’s shocking and I’m in disbelief that I just wrote that line. He was 38 years old and I lost him in an awful, horrific manner from this awful and horrific virus. Every single message I received today said the same thing:

“We are sorry for your loss, your brother was one of the good ones.

” All of those condolences made some reference to his character. That’s when you know it’s real. He was a genuinely amazing person. He was, to everyone. It didn’t matter who you were. I didn’t receive special treatment from my brother Francis, because he treated everyone special.

Naranasan na rin naman daw ni Angelika ang mawalan ng ilang beses pero iba raw ang sakit na mawala si Francis ngayon.

” I’ve been touched by death too many times in my life and there is no getting used to it. I’m hurting today and those of you who knew or met Francis knows exactly why. He deserved a longer life than this. He deserved to have us next to him and this virus didn’t even allow us the dignity of doing that. ”

Galit daw siya sa nangyayari.

” I’m upset. I’m upset at everything right now. I’m upset at this human experience of loss. I hate that this part of nature exists. I’m not here writing this to say the right things or to tell you I will be strong for my family.”

Dinaan na lamang niya sa pagpo-post ang nararamdaman.

” I’m writing because I’m broken today in every possible way. My nephew lost his father. Mama lost her only son. We aren’t even allowed to hug each other, yet I know I will have to be there for them.

Saan nga daw ba siya mag-uumpisa at huhugot ng lakas? Pero alam niyang kailangan siya ng kanyang pamilya

” Where do I even start? I have an obligation to do it and I have to try my best. I have to be a part of his sons life more than ever and I will remind him how great he was until it’s my turn to say goodbye. My brother was a handsome, funny, intelligent, loving and loyal man.

Napakabuting tao raw ng kapatid.

” If you scroll through his Facebook page, you’ll see every inch of it. He smiled more than anyone else in the family, he just shined brighter. We truly lost a good one. His wife told me that Francis would joke that when he passes away he wanted a “fun” funeral. Kuya, that’s a promise I cannot keep. I’m devastated today. I know you’re in heaven with papa and I already miss you both forever. I call Mama every half hour and she is in tears saying that she is waiting for him to come home from the hospital because they need to talk — she refuses to believe this happened today. I can’t believe it either.

Mahirap daw ang sitwasyon na hindi man lang sila makapagluksa ng maayos.

“For all of you reading, thank you for being a part of his life. I am certain you relate to my pain. Thank you for caring for him. Thank you for your messages, phone calls and your prayers. We cannot grieve in the traditional manner. There will be no viewing, no service. We aren’t allowed it. It feels cold and apocalyptic. While it’s all over the news, we know so little about what this world is going through.

Nagbigay rin ng mensahe si Angelika sa publiko.

” If you have lost someone close to this coronavirus, I’m sorry. Everyone, please stay safe. Stay home. Not just because it’s the right thing to do right now but because it gives you the opportunity that I didn’t have today, to tell my brother I love him.

“Use this time to cultivate that. Perhaps in a few weeks or months, we will be back to our busy lives and I hope you maximized all this time to love your family. Francis didn’t need a quarantine or a lockdown to do that, we felt it every single day from him.

“That’s why today will be never-ending pain.

“My brother is survived by his amazing wife Jeni and brilliant son Gabe.

“I love you Kuya. Always and forever. Thank you for everything.”