Ellen vs anak ng mayor, PASABOG!

Ellen Adarna

MASALIMUOT at malalim ang SPOILED BRATS issue na kinasangkutan ni Ellen Adarna sa Facebook.

Nag-react ang sexy actress sa balita tungkol kay Mayor Tommy Osmeña.

Nahalukay ang mga kaganapan noong 2009 sa Cebu.

Nagpaliwanag si Miguel Osmeña sa FB account ni Ana Gabriela Beatriz Osmeña.

Aniya, “… Here I am, writing a post 8 years in the making because of Facebook drama. I only do this because my father is being attacked by all the cool kids of Maria Luisa and Ellen Adarna of all people.

“They do this in reaction to his statement to all the spoiled brats in Cebu that ‘you’re nothing special.’ Affected much, are we?

“The fact that Ellen Adarna is the one making noise should tell you enough. In high school, she was the barkada of ­David Lim. “The other people making noise, like Cris Nelson Bolls Go, are the barkada of David Lim.

“Samantha Benitez, who accused me of giving her a death threat via shooting her camera and then sending it to her, is the barkada of David Lim.

“Is this starting to become clear?”

Detalyado ang bersyon ni Miguel ng mga nangyari.

“Ellen Adarna should just carry on whoring herself to Baste Duterte ­before her rapidly diminishing shelf life ­finally expires,” sabi pa ni Miguel.

“Perhaps after revealing that she was once the girlfriend of Peter Lim’s son will she be able to assume the mantle of moral supremacy…”


Sagot ni Ellen kahapon sa FB, “I’ll make this short and sweet. Promise.

“Dear Miguel Osmeña,­

“Go ahead and call me whatever you want. At least I own up to my mistakes and I know I am the furthest thing from perfect.

“I reacted the way I did because I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy and the power tripping.

“You’re so self-righteous. You act as if you’ve done nothing wrong, like you’re an angel.

“But you’re not. You are a coward.

“You can fabricate the truth all you want but people know who you ­really are.

“People know WHAT you really are and what you’re capable of; and no amount of PR, fake accounts, or Facebook bots can change that.

“I’m sorry to those who’ve been brought ­into this.

“Sincerely yours,


Saan kaya hahantong ang alitang ito?