Dismayado ang mga fan ng K-pop group na Seventeen. Dumating kahapon, Feb. 7, ang naturang grupo, at may kumalat na video kung saan makikita ang reporter ng GMA-7 na pilit sumisingit sa crowd upang ma-interview ang Seventeen.

Ang siste, sa higpit ng security, tinaboy ang reporter na si Marisol Abdurahman. Habang inilalayo siya sa K-pop group, naulinigan siya na sinasabing, “kung ako nga lang, ayoko mag-cover ng mga ‘yan ano!”

Na hindi naman pinalampas ng mga fan, netizen. Nag-trending sa Twitter ang #ApologizetoSeventeenGMA.

@anniebanani, “Myghad GMA. Nakakahiya kayo. Don’t you know anything? You don’t cover a news like that. Geez.”

@markyeuu, “what the!! srsly behind those formal coverage I’ve seen from her! now this is her true identity! yall know i dont badmouth professional ppl but her statement is absurd!”

Naglabas naman ng statement si Abdurahman.

“I wish to extend my sincerest apologies to all the fans of the K-pop group Seventeen.

“In my desire to get close to the group for an interview knowing how the Filipino fans love them, I had a bad encounter with the airport security personnel who pushed me hard and covered our camera lens several times.

“In my frustration, I uttered words which should have not said. I regret saying them as they do not reflect my true sentiments. I can only imagine how upset the fans must have been for the careless words that I have uttered. Please know that I have no intention of hurting them.

“While my words were definitely uncalled for, they do not define my true character as a journalist built over the years.

“Again, I am extending my sincerest apologies to the fans and I wish Seventeen a successful concert.” (Jun Lopez)