GREETINGS 08/18/2017


Happy 76th birthday to our dearest daddy CARLOS ‘CALOY’ MIRANDA today, August 18, 2017. May the Almighty Lord bless you more years, healthy life and happiness. We all love you, daddy. Greeting from Nanay, daughters Lanie, Julie, Jenny & Jean; grandchildren Ella, Rohan, Elijah, Arwen and Jared.


Happy Tonite reading to my in-laws, namely: Salvacion ‘Mama Emy, Mamudz’ Joson Pasco; Arch. Cherry Grace & hubby Argie Suaiso; mother & daughter Crystal Anne & Chrisha Allen. Miss you all guys. See you very-very soon. God bless and take care. Love Jean & Jared.


Have a blessed Friday to my family in Binakayan, namely: Nanay Gloria & Daddy Caloy; sisters Ate Lanie, Ate Julie & twin sis Jenny; nieces & nephews, Janella Rei, Arwen Danna, Elijah Paul & Jan Rohan; esp. to my 1 only son Ace Jared. I love you all. From Jean.