Ni Nonie Nicasio

Nakilala nang husto ng madlang pipol si Greg Hawkins sa It’s Showtime bilang original na Kuya Escort ng Miss Q & A segment nito. Siya ay isang Korean-American na nangangarap magkaroon ng puwang sa mundo ng showbiz.

Ang 26 years old na native ng Salt Lake City, Utah ay naging special guest ng online show ng Abante Tonite na Tambayan ng Tsika. Sa panayam namin sa kanya with Alwin Ignacio at Beth Gelena, inusisa namin si Greg.

“I’m filming a TV series right now with Viva, it should be out soon. I think we’re almost finished with the filming. Then, I’ve also done two commercials,” panimula ni Greg.

When did he realize that being part of Showtime ay mabuti para sa kanyang career?

“I think immediately I realized na Showtime is very good for my career because napansin ko, ‘yung una or ‘yung pa­ngalawang linggo after I came out on Showtime and I noticed na ‘yung Instagram and ‘yung Facebook, they were just going crazy. And so after that I noticed I started getting a lot more work.”

Anong pakiramdam kapag ‘yung ladies and gays ay kinikilig sa kanya? “I’m still a little shy, sa akin it’s kind a weird kasi lumaki ako sa US, noong nag-aral ako roon, parang nerd pa ako, nerdy nerdy ako, I was in band, I was always studying, so hindi ako ladies’ man talaga. It was very different.

So nagulat siya sa reaction ng fans? “Oo, it was so weird for me at first but I can’t complain, hahaha! Actually kahit nagulat ako, nagpapasalamat pa rin ako para sa attention and yung ganoon…”

Love triangle kina Vice, Jackie

Ano’ng masasabi niya sa parang love triangle nila nina Vice Ganda and Jackie?

“Actually that’s a great story, medyo nagulat na rin ako kasi yung first time na we had our Vice-Greg-Jackie segment, I didn’t know what was happening. Hindi ko alam talaga kung anong nangyari sa mga segments. Kasi they would always tell me unscripted because the chemistry is better that way. So I don’t know if they kept me on purpose or it was just part of the organic relationship, I don’t know. Either way, it was awesome,” pakli pa niya.

How about sa che­mistry nila ni Vice? “I think, Vice I don’t know if Vice would be mad if I admitted this, but Vice and I had a lot of similarities and we sort of talked about them when we we’re hanging out together one time. Not only we both have a similar educational background, because we both studied Political Science you know… But the way he looks and perceives the world through showbusiness is really refreshingly down to earth and there’s a lot of inside in there.”

Since hindi na siya part ng Showtime, ano ang nami-miss niya sa show?

Si Vice ba hindi niya nami-miss? “Of course, of course, nami-miss ko si Vice, that’s given. Whenever you have an opportunity to work with big celebrities, big stars, it’s always a blessing. But if we’re talking about what’s in my heart, I really do missed the staff because they were really good people.”

‘Di nakabalik sa ‘It’s Showtime’

Ano ba talaga ang rason nang pagkawala niya sa Showtime?

“I don’t know, I don’t… I have no idea. So people kept on asking me about it and for a while I would hear things, I’d hear you know… somebody say something, somebody say something else, somebody say something else and it was always just sort or this triangle of chismis that I found myself involved to it. Like trying to figure out what’s actually going on… and turns out, I mean maybe people were right, maybe people were wrong but it didn’t really matter. So I stop worrying about it, it took a couple of weeks but I stop worrying about it and it was a good thing I did because after I stop worrying about it, that’s when I started getting projects again.”

Sa place na naiwan niya ay si Ion ang pumalit, may selos factor ba?
“I think at first I was confused, not jea­lous but I was confused. I was like, ‘Why is this happening? You know, I was told that I was coming back, like what’s going on? Why haven’t I got any news about this?’ I was really confused at first, after a couple of weeks though, like I’ve said, I sort of relaxed a little bit, quit worrying about it so much. And once I changed my perspective from why am I not getting this to I’m so thankful for what I got, everything changed,” pagtatapos niya.