Jessy akala split kay Luis


Muntik nang maintriga na hiwalay na sina Jessy Mendiola at Luis Manzano. Ito’y sa hugot ng aktres na malaya na siya. Kung hindi pa pinusuan ng male tv host ay iisiping may kinalaman ito sa relasyon nila.

Nag-post ng puno ang aktres sa IG na ang caption ay @senorita_jessy

“I’m finally free.

“I’m finally free of doubts, anger and insecurity. My whole life I’ve been in a constant battle with myself. I’ve always doubted what I could do. I was afraid of change. I couldn’t see my worth and how important I was in this life.

“Every little comment or opinion of others about me affected me like I was defined by how people thought of me. I kept losing myself just because I wanted to please others. I was afraid to do so many things that made me happy because I was worried that others would judge me. I’ve let myself become someone else, all those years I kept hating myself for always giving so much to other people that I kept forgetting how to love myself.

“I’ve learned to let go of all the pain, the struggles, the failures. My entire life, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride that would never end but finally, it has ended. I finally feel at peace. I‘ve lost who I was and now I found myself again only to learn that God has never left my side, he showed me how worthy I am and what I am capable of doing.

“For the longest time I was blinded by things I didn’t need in my life. I’ve been searching for peace in my heart and finally I found it. Everything I need is within me. God woke me up and made me realize my worth as a human being. He made me realize that He had been there all along in every step that i took in my life. He CHANGED me. He changed my ways, my thinking and my perspective in life. He taught me how to value myself again and I’m just so grateful… I’ve never felt this feeling before. It’s a wonderful feeling. I am whole again. I am not afraid anymore. I’m taking the leap. I am free,“ rebelasyon ni Jessy.

Reaksyon naman ng mga netizen:

@happymarnique, “God is so good to let you experience His peace and love amid difficult times Jessy. Thanks for sharing truth reminders about God too.”

@reianevangelista, “Beautiful ♥️ Life is good.”

@maestro320, “Im glad you’re free, Jessy. #Mermaid”