Halos 5 years na nilalabanan ni Julia Barretto ang ng anxiety disorder. Hindi raw dapat deadmahin ang pagkakaroon ng ganitong mental condition.

“THE struggle is real,” deklara pa niya.

Nagsalita ang aktres sa podcast ng kapatid na si Claudia na ipinost sa YouTube.

Aniya: “It’s such a sensitive topic and it’s a part of me that really absolutely nobody knows about. So few people know.

“I think there are certain things that really hit it or, like, triggered it. It’s just, like, one day you get it.

“The first few days, the first time you get it, you don’t understand. It makes you so frustrated. Like, ‘What’s going on with me? I don’t know what’s happening,’” dagdag pa niya.

“When I get attacks, I can’t move, I can’t talk. I’m always just staring, and I’m not aware anymore what I’m doing, or, like, what others are doing.

“It’s like I’m under this really, really dark cloud. People try to talk to me, talk me out of it. When they ask me what’s happening, what’s wrong, it’s like my tongue can’t move.

“I really can’t, and it makes me so frustrated, because you’re trying to get a word out, just one word, and it won’t come out,” lahad pa ni Julia.

Nasaktan din siya nang may pagkatiwalaag tao para sabihin ang kanyang kalagayan pero hindi siya maunawaan.

“There’s this one person who saw it was happening to me, and the person was just saying, ‘It’s all in your head, you can do it. You can get out of it. Just don’t think about it.’

“It made me so, so, so furious. I really got so mad because if it really was just in my head, I had total control over this thing. Why would I want to be going through this?

“I wouldn’t wanna be going through this because it’s a super difficult situation, it’s a dark place. It happens to a lot of people. I’m not just making it up,” sey pa niya.

Basta idinidiin niya na maging seryoso tungkol dito.

“With my journey with it, because I get panic attacks, I get anxiety attacks, and I get super anxious. I mean, I get it so frequently, but I’ve also… it’s a process, it’s getting to know yourself.

“I think I’ve grown a lot of awareness already, like, what happens to me when I’m getting an attack.

“I’ve seen a life coach, I’ve attended an anxiety… you know, those groups when they talk about anxiety and then they teach you how to deal with it and stuff like that.

“You also have to help yourself try to find out what works for you. I’ve also just been blessed that I’ve been surrounded by people who totally know how to deal with me when I get an attack,” sambit pa niya. (RFC)