Matteo para kay Sarah

Sarah Geronimo at Matteo Guidicelli

HINDI pwedeng itanggi na asset talagang maituturing si Matteo Guidicelli.

Isa siya sa Kapamilya actors na rea­lible at mahal ang kanyang trabaho bilang aktor.

“I guess as an actor… I am honest with my work, I’m truthful with what I do and what I give, I don’t pretend, I try to be real, that is what is expected all the time,” simulang pahayag ng Pinoy Ita­lian prince charming sa  press payanig para sa Sun Life Asset Management Company.

“Of course, this is something that I did not learn overnight.  Honesty is not easy to take out from your heart. We all have barriers.

“Actors try to shed off their barriers and always play and act and be truthful.”

Patuloy ng binata, “As a friend, I am very supportive and I try to influence them to do good things. I encourage them to do sports, to practice healthy living.”

“To be conservative with your expenses and earnings,” ito raw ang best payo ng kanyang ama.

“Papa always tells me to to be practical, to be economical. Instead of purchasing a sports car, buy something economical. Never be over top, to be frugal.”

Noong ang kanyang iniirog na si Sarah Geronimo ang aming topic, tila mas ganado si Matteo na magkuwento.

“I guess any conversation with me, Sarah will always be in it. It is something that I cannot run away from,” naka­ngiting paliwanag nito.

“I am very happy that people appreciate our relationship and that majority are kilig about us.

“Believe it or not, the fans, are inspirations to us.

They help us in making the relationship stronger. We read good things about it, coming from our fans and supporters, it grows more flowers in our hearts, it makes us feel better.

“It inspires to us to love each other more and more. Everyone has become a source of inspiration.”

The future is indeed bright for Matteo and Sarah.

Masaya nitong sinabi, “I have a big imagination, ‘yung sa amin ni Sarah, it’s bigger than walking down the aisle, saying I do. “Siempre naman, there is a dream wedding and we are talking future here. I won’t jinx it, I won’t say it.

“It’s my dream I am of course thinking about it, but I am not pressuring myself, I am giving myself time.

“In God’s time.”

Para kay Guidicelli, “Sarah is somebody who wants to do so many things in life. She wants to spread her wings and fly.

“I am trying my best to let her see the world in a different light. She is an amazing person.”

Pagtatapos ni Matteo, “It’s her honesty that makes me fall in love with her on a daily basis. That grounds any man.

“I am also always honest with her. She is my partner eh.”