SI Matthias Rhoads ay hindi The WHO.

Siya ang GROOM na dumurog sa puso ni best friend sa viral commercial para sa pambansang fast food.

Maliban diyan, si Rhoads ang isa sa mga judges sa Fiercest of Them All (FOTA), ang model ­search/fanta-­reality show na ­ipalalabas na sa GMA News TV sa March 5.

Up close and ­personal, wala palang pores sa mukha si ­Matthias. ‘Yung pagiging magandang lalaki niya, it grows in you.

Honest siya sa conversation. Spontaneous. And he loves his ­sinigang na ulo ng salmon.

‘Pag hinihigop niya ang sabaw, pag ninamnam niya ang salmon, ­kitang-kita mong sarap na sarap siya.

There is a very sen­sual way when he open his mouth and bites the food that he is feating.

Five months pa lang siya sa Manila at ang pagiging hurado sa FOTA ang first, big professional gig niya bago dumating ang VOW commercial.

Advertising ­Design ang tinapos niyang course. Mahilig siya sa drawings.

Yoga, dancing, hitting the gym ang dahilan kaya maintained niya ang katawang panromansa.

Hindi siya kumakain ng rice! And when he smiles, may disarming quality about it.

Kuwento, “In the Fiercest, I am the judge who tells it straight to the girls but not in an abrasive manner. I’m just like a kuya to them.

“I tell them not to do this and that and point out why there are some things that the ladies are doing wrong, which is not good for them, health-wise.

“What I want to bring to FOTA is positivity…”


Ang commercial kung saan isa siya sa mga bida, sobra-sobrang pagmamahal ang tinanggap — and the positive and funny reactions to it continue to escalate.

Paano ba siya ­napasali sa VOW?

“I auditioned for it, lined up and I think we were more than 100 men present,” pag-aalalang kuwento ni Rhoads.

“I think, since day one, the casters know what they want, what type of guy or lady will be part of it.

“I could have been the heart broken guy. It could have been just a walk on part for me.

“Luckily, I get the part of the groom. I am always thakful for every opportunity that I get.

“Since the commercial went viral, it feels nice when I am in the mall, some people will inquire if I am the groom, and when I say yes, I hear them shriek a little.

“Some are even asking why did I brake the other guy’s heart. And then, it ends up with a group photo.

“It is a happy feeling and I like the fact that in my own little way, I’m spreading happiness to people.”

Anong reaksyon mo na naging viral ang VOW?

“I was not surprised by it,” sagot agad ni ­Matthias. “You know, when we were shooting and the story board was finally presented to us, I know it is bound to be big.

“Knowing how popular the brand is, and the fact that everything in it is so heartfelt and heart wrenching at the same.

“We Filipinos are an emotional lot and we don’t mind being mushy, sentimental, we cry when want to, we laugh out loud, we are so attuned to our feelings and the emotions of others.

“And what ­really helped, the two actors I worked, they acted so truthfully and wonderfully. As a spectator, you really want to have their happily ever after, ­until five seconds before the commercial ends, ­every one sees me, and I snatched his beloved from him.

“Am I such a bad guy or what? Hahahaha!”


Wala pang network contract si Matthias.

Maliban sa commercials, may personal tutor na siya sa Filipino.

Kwento nito, “What is funny with my ­teacher is that he wants me to be comfortable with the street language and all the bastos words first.

“And when I learn what the word is all about, it always ends up in a laugh trip. The ­Filipino words, ­especially their meanings, are not only colorful, but are overtly graphic.”
With FOTA and the viral Ad, masaya si ­Matthias.

“A good exposure is a good exposure. In FOTA, I get to promote my advocacy, which is fitness and well being.

“And people will see how I tick and operate as a judge. With the commercial, people got to see the possibility of me being a romantic lead.

“What is most important now is that I am ­driven and I’m inspired.

“I don’t mind attending auditions and casting calls. There is so much to learn in all of these, ­every thing that is happening is both humbling and gratifying.”

Ang isang commercial na wish ni Matthias ay mangyari, “I am keeping my fingers crossed that an advertisement will be developed that will feature why I was the one she chose.

“Para naman fair, ‘di ba? It will be ­exciting to see how and why I ­became her husband.”