I am an OFW with dreams and hopes to be successful likewise to be with my family. I went in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a sales crew in Dunkin Donuts under my agency Mawarid.

Because of some difficult circumstances I have to make decisions for my family and for myself. I resigned from my company (Dunkin Donuts) and now I returned to my agency (Mawarid).

I already submitted an email before about my case together with Leonil Flores. The letter or email contents about why we resigned in our work and what we did after our resignation. Dunkin Donuts prohibited me to go to my agency for my resignation.

At first the HR of the said institution requested me to give an amount of 5000SR for my exit together with an airplane ticket going back to Philippines. I agreed to that and when I came back to settle my exit, the HR requested again requested money and said that I have to pay 8000SR, now without ticket.

Knowing that my work is a service crew and with a little amount of salary. I was challenged to get a job as a massage therapist to save for this amount and to provide my family because I don’t have any source of income because I already resigned from my company.

Last March of this year, we found a new employer and helped us about our case. We went together to Mawarid agency because our new employer tried to help us to know and fix our status. However our new employer failed to settle everything.

So I was forced to settle it with myself together with my friend who also wished to see his dear family. We went to agency together because just for the recall, we resigned the same date together in Dunkin Donuts and work in the same work place to have a temporary source of income.

Our agency instructed us to settle our status in our company Dunkin Donuts so I paid an amount of almost 2400SR and then we can return to our agency. We asked for the receipts for the second time in our company but they don’t want to provide us.

But since we settled our status in Dunkin Donuts and informed our agency; our agency accommodated us and told us that our STATUS is not HUROOB in Jawazat. We can also see that our Jawazat status online and we confirmed that we are not really HUROOB. So our agency told us to settle an amount for our exit.

I settled everything however they failed to provide me receipts because they told me that they don’t issue receipts for exit visa. Then they told me to come back the next day for my papers like exit visa and passport.

We went almost every day and we never lose communication with our agency hoping to hold our exit visa and passport. Alas, last week I found out that my status was Huroob because they submitted my name in Jawazat to be blacklisted. Luckily my friend’s status is not Huroob. I was wondering why they did this to me because I never failed to follow their instructions. It us just very sad that after all my hard work I will be given this kind of status.

I asked our kabayan who is working in Operations Dept. in Mawarid namely Mr. Martin and told me that there is a new law that once your name is submitted in Jawazat as Huroob, you are now entitled to pay 10,000SR to remove that status. As you know my story and struggles here in this kingdom, I don’t deserve to pay this big amount because it is clear that it’s the negligence of the Mawarid agency.

Second, why am I the only one that have this Huroob status because I am with my friend together. We resigned together and we went together in this agency. I am not against about my friend’s good status but we should consider this that there is a mistake in here.

I am now asking assistance if what I can do about this case because I already settled everything and now they gave me a blacklist. Hoping for an urgent assistance because being Huroob in this country is very hard. Thank you very much!

— Michael Angelo Mendoza


Ang email ni Mr. Mendoza ay nauna nang naiparating sa OWWA RAD, POEA REPATRIATION UNIT ni G. John Monterona ng U-OFW pero nananawagan pa rin tayo sa nabanggit na mga ahensya ng ating gobyerno na aksyunan ang hinaing ng ating kababayang OFW.

Makikipag-ugnayan ang BayaniKa sa nasabing mga ahensya sa hangaring mapabilis ang tugon sa problema ni Mr. Mendoza. Ilalabas po namin sa mga susunod na isyu ang anumang magiging aksiyon ng nasabing mga tanggapan ng ating pamahalaan.