Tingin ni Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, bullshit ang nakatakdang sagupaan nina eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao at Adrien Broner sa Enero 2019.
“As logical as the Mayweather fight with this kickboxing guy, that’s the same with Garcia and Spence. It’s all bullshit. Same thing with Pacquiao and Broner, it’s all bullshit,” patutsada ng 86-anyos na dating boxing promoter ni WBA weltwerwight champion Pacquiao.
“(Al) Haymon has nothing else to do. But, remember, nobody is quoting Haymon. He stays behind, Pacquiao says ‘Hey, the fight,’ meanwhile, nothing is signed. Fighters get their names mentioned in the paper, but nothing is happening. Pacquiao’s people told Eddie Hearn that Pacquiao was getting $25 million for the Broner fight. It’s fantasy. It’s bullshit. They ain’t gonna fight! Don’t be stupid, they are all bullshit fights.”
Matagal nagsama sina Pacquiao at Arum pero kumalas na ang Pambansang Kamao upang i-promote ang sa­riling mga laban.