Politiko binasted ni Kris


Diretsong sinagot ni Kris Aquino ang katanungan ng isang netizen kung bakit hindi niya i-try o bigyan ng chance ang politician na si Mark Leviste.

Nagsimula ito sa conversation sa Instagram . Sinabi ni Mark kay Kris ang ‘ I choose you’ na may heart emoticon.

Pero isa sa dahilan ng actress-tv host na may feelings pa siya sa isang dating nakarelasyon.

Komento ni @tetet_ig, “@markleviste hahaha @krisaquino pinili kna try.”

Pakli ni Kris: “@tetet_ig it’s not healthy to entertain someone when you know in your heart that feelings for another haven’t been totally extinguished- i think the saying is when you know there are still broken fragments, don’t make someone else pick up the pieces-he’ll end up getting hurt & you won’t become whole again… repairing what’s broken is a job only for the one who is still grieves because the new person had nothing to do with what is your personal pain from the past… unless i resolve that, i have no business letting someone new into my life. My heart has to know there are absolutely no leftover feelings…

Hirit pa ni Kris sa isang netizen ,@rrj_ljt73 he wasn’t very polite w/ his text messages & to quote Jennifer Aniston from way back- there was a “sensitivity chip missing” that’s why I choose the safe out-bringing up someone from the past-it’s much more power because nobody is to blame.Hindi ako nabobola sa IG comment. Words mean very little when not backed by action.”

Sagot naman ni Mark:”@krisaquino Thank you for being honest and open #nakapili pero hindi #pinili