Bagamat matalino, malalim, witty ang image ni Roxanne Barcelo, hinuhusgahan din siyang trying hard.

Madalas sa presscon kilometric din kung sumagot na hindi naman kasulat-sulat ang mga pinagsasabi dahil wala namang isyu na nakukuha. Nagiging OA at TH tuloy ang dating niya.

Sa Twitter account ni Roxanne ay umamin siya sa punang ito, “Some say, I try too hard. Admittedly, I really do try… hard to do my best, achieve something for myself, to just focus on the good, and make my dreams a reality. It is very hard after everything I’ve been through.

“But today, I don’t wanna try hard anymore. I just wanna be me.”

Mas bet naman ng mga netizen na nagpapakatotoo siya.

@AngelicaTatcha5, “I LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU!”

@supernegatrona, “Hi bacz! We a have common denominator na ms friendship. All the time ka niyang i-storytelling sa iz mi.

Spluk ni baccla na ikaz daw ang pinaka-most na ms congeniality na friendivity niya.

So deadma bacz, you do you lang coz people love you just di way yu ar.”

@Vinny_Me, “Mamsh mas masama ung tao na who doesnt try at all. We try and try to reach our success. Coz thats how human race works. we try and try until we succeed. Otherwise you are just a walking dead.”

@vielnavarre, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. And we love you by just simply being You. We got crazy, laugh out loud, and got inspired by your truest personality. You may not be perfect but parts of you are pretty awesome. And that’s the best thing ever, by being you! “

@_nclng, “Naamaze nga akes sayo ate e, kase ang kalog mo at the same time witty kaya ayon dami natututunan sayo HAHAHAHHAHA.”

@rovietussin_, “Elvoooow para sa nagsasabi niyan to you. Thumbs upFace with hand over mouth I believe in you, ate.” (RFC)