Secret love affair (4)

Dear Dra holmes:

(To continue from last Thursday, July 14),

I got pregnant. My parents and his wants us to get married so we did. I forgot about this lesbian but when I met again my lesbian partner last 2012 I found out I stil love her Doc. We have a secret love affair and my husband didn’t know about it…

I just told him about us when I found out that she’s dating again some girls and flirting… text messages, all night in front of the computers and midnight a call… I’m fed up Doc, when I told this to him he’s so angry and can’t accept that I have a relationship with lesbian. He wants me to go away since we don’t talk anymore and the last time we talk he hits me already… He said if I will go away I will only take my clothes, no more communications with my children and I can’t take my business.

This is so unlawful Doctora Holmes. I don’t real­ly know what to do now. I love my lesbian partner and I love my children. Plis do advice me and I do appreciate it much. Thank you so much Doctora Holmes!

Any advice wil be much appreciated. I just want to go away from my husbnd snce he cnt realy acepted me. I dnt love hm anymore. Im just here stil because of my children. He also take my sony cphne. Doc I dnt knw wat 2 do anymore. I do love my relationshp jing my lesbian lover. My husband also told me dat he wil acept me but I wil 4get al my frends, dont cmunicate wid them n everythng he wil say I wil do.

Snce dat wil be his cnditions I cnt live wid my family. I dnt like to sacrifice wid dat cnditions Doctora Holmes. I knw u can gve me word of advice so dat I can be stronger to face wid my situations. My eldest son told me to ask help from a phychologist n youre d one I have n mind. My sonson is woried for me because he thnks dt I might go crazy. THANKS AGAIN DOCTORA HOLMES.

Dra. Holmes answer will be in thursday’s co­lumn…


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