Sharon Cuneta

“When I hear the first note, lalo na if there are a lot of string instruments…
my spirit is soaring!”

MEGASTAR Sharon Cuneta is back with a vengeance sa concert stage.

Sa Oktubre 15 at 22, Theatre at the ­Solaire, itataas ang telon para sa Sharon.

Four years ago pa ang huling concert performance ng Megastar. Pagbabalik-tanaw niya, “I guess it was 2012 when I did a concert with Martin Nievera in Araneta Coliseum.

“When I made my move from my home station ABS-CBN to another station, I did a concert with Martin Nievera.

“It was a painful experience for me, very painful. I have to admit, it’s taken me a while to accept and recover from that.”

Patuloy ni Cuneta,­ “Then, of course, having smart people around me not to mention loving people who explained to me that a lot of people didn’t know that we have a concert and I believed it. Because the year before, and the year before that, I had done a solo Valentine concert in the same venue, all very successful and all of the sudden, I do a show with the Concert King and not too many people know about it, very few people come and we’re both wondering what happened, and I realized that I lost the support of my mother station.

“Now that I’m in ABS-CBN again, ma­lakas na uli ‘yung loob ko to do a concert even when I do shows in America, and in Europe.

“Kasi, they just kept on really assuring that the people know my shows. That rebuilt my confidence to do a concert again, kasi, there’s support from my mother station.”
Tungkol sa Sharon concert, pahayag niya, “Solaire has a beautiful theater, nakakanta na ako dito before. It’s a beautiful theater, it holds about almost 2000 people.

“I’m really happy, when I’m happy, I’m funny. I like that, I like having that rapport with that audience na ganyan.

“So, ‘yan ‘yung mga hindi ko magawa pag malaki ang venue. I’m very parang 200% more than the 100% pa happy that I’m going back to do a concert again dito sa Pilipinas and here pa sa The Theatre at Solaire.

“I’m very excited to do this concert. It’s going to be a good mix of songs na pangmasa and not very pangmasa, of very well known songs and not very well known songs and maybe not heard for a long time but sorely missed.

“What I love about doing concert is that I get instant reaction and interaction with audiences. The stage is really my comfort zone.

“It’s a very personal experience for me. I am surprised by it, performing never gets old for me.

“Lagi akong oh my God, kantang-kanta na ako. May regular audiences na kasi and laging nadagdagan ng excitement ‘yung thought na may mga bagong audiences na who will see me perform for the very first time.”


Ang guests sa concert ay, “All the members of Team Sharon, all the 24 kids will be performing. I am helping them to jumpstart their careers.

“Dapat surprise ito pero I’m announcing it na, Frankie Pangilinan will also be guesting. Tiniyak lang namin na walang exams at pumayag ang papa niya.”

Labis na ikinatuwa ni Sharon ang pagkanta ni Frankie sa Eat Bulaga ng Mr. DJ.

Pagtatapat ni Sharon, “Naku, gusto ko na ngang ipa-move ‘yung grand finals of The Voice para andu’n ako during her performance sa Eat Bulaga. Hahaha!

“Yung first time niya kinanta nya sa akin ang Mr. DJ, sa bahay. Binuking-buking nga siya ni Miel.

“Sabi ni Miel, ‘Mom, ate is going to sing you a song. Dala na niya ‘yung guitar niya. She’s going to your room now.’”

Hindi lang si Frankie ang gustong sumali sa concert, kundi pati ang bunso niyang si Miguel.

“I asked him what will you sing? And he said, ‘Once I Was Seven Years Old (by Lukas Graham).’

“Then I told him, ‘How can that be? You’re just turning seven.’ He’s so funny!”

Masayang sharing pa ni Mega, “Siempre, dahan-dahan lang, one at a time. Minsan lang nga ako kinuha ng Solaire, ginawa ko namang Von Trapp family, The Sound of Music na ang show. Hahahaha!”


Paano ba siya naghahanda para sa isang concert?

Maagap na sagot ni Sharon, “Well, I insist on ha­ving time and space solely for myself. I like to reflect on my songs and getting in touch with my new audiences.

“Do I need to take extra voice lessons? Many things come into the picture as you prepare for a concert…

“In real life, I like to be alone. Most of the times I like being by myself. I like absorbing new things in silence.

“I like contemplating, I like wondering what I can do better. When they send me new arrangements and all the mate­rials, I will study them like I am studying the board exam.

“Kaya by the time I get in the rehearsal with the band or an orchestra, after one or two, I am almost perfect.

“Pag concert na, when I hear the first note, lalo na if there are a lot of string instruments, I am already flying, my spirit is soaring.

“I know that I am just another instrument in sync with them. We are in harmony. That is a great feeling.”


Expected na sa parating niyang concert, kakantahin ang mga anthem niya.

Saan na kaya galing­ ang mga ‘hugot’ ‘pag kinakanta niya ang ang mga ito?

Ang kanyang sagot, “When you are young, you just memorize the music and everything is all right with the world.

“But as you mature, the songs don’t feel the same way anymore. You are no longer concerned with memorizing but in finding meaning in every line.

“You will be surprised to know that some songs are capable of rewinding some happy and sad chapters of my life.

“Indeed I cry easi­ly because I am sensitive to everything that happened in my life.”

Sa kanyang Sharon classics, ang dearest songs to her heart ay Pangap Na Bituin, Bituin Walang Ningning, Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas, Maging Sino Ka Man at Dear Heart.

“Yes, I do love singing more than acting because the audience response is immediate and you can feel their energy live as you perform.

“I must say that singing remains the greatest passion of my life,” sey pa ni Ate Shawie.


Sharon became emotional when asked about katotohanan na ang bashers at ­haters niya, ayaw siyang tantanan.

Sabi nito, “Whatever I have achieved, I worked hard for it. It was double the effort I put because I know I have to prove myself, a young girl they perceived as a spoiled brat, making a name in showbiz.

“I hope they res­pect me for what I have achieved in my 38 years in the business. I am sure I made them happy.”